Colour Set D WWII Basics WY-04

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Colour Set D WWII Basics WY-04


Most German military vehicles showed certain universal weathering effects, no matter the setting or time of the year. Tanks or half-tracks usually showed chipped paint, rust effects, or large areas of fuel stains soaked into caked dust or dirt over top. These are the weathering effects that bring more life and realism to the model, and that is the reason why you must pay special attention when adding them. This universal set will allow you to create extremely realistic effects on your models, no matter the location or time of the year in which they are set. The colours and effects are accurate for the cold Russian winter, the Normandy campaign or the barren landscapes of the North Africa. Always use this set in combination with one of the YAKUMO sets for military vehicles in a specific setting.

These Yakumo Colors—Mr. Weathering Color and Mr. Weathering Paste-based weathering colors—were supervised by the world-famous modeler, Mr. Mig Jimenez. WY04 is a weathering paint set that can be used on various military models including tanks. This set of paints can replicate basic oil stains, chipped paint, and rust.

Product Features
- 40ml of Weathering Colors (x 2)
- 18ml of Acrysion
- 6g of Weathering Pastel

Thin each color with the separately-sold Mr. Weathering Colour Thinner (WCT101/102); or MIG015 thinner (YAKUMO thinner) except CHIPPING.


MIG-013 - FUEL & OIL

Apply this product to the sides of model in the shape of vertical lines, or add small drops over a surface treated with MIG014 pigment. This effect can be diluted with YAKUMO thinner to create a softer and more natural effect. Use this effect sparingly and apply the effect in scale. Let it dry 12 hours.


A pigment tone to simulate accumulated dirt, or to create a base onto which you can apply fuel stains. Apply the pigment dry with a brush to the designed areas. It can also be used to emphasize shadows or dirt effect on nooks and crannies.


The perfect colour to represent chipped paint effects on your models, as long as the surface you are depicting was made out of iron or steel in the real vehicle. Use a brush with a fine tip to paint the chips on the zones most exposed to wear and tear, You can also apply the chipping with a piece of sponge or packing foam. Let it dry 10 minutes. Can be cleaned with water.

MIG-016 - RUST

Eventually all vehicles rust in specific areas due to rain, snow and dew. Apply the product in small quantities around small details such as screw heads, brackets or other fixtures, as well as on vertical or sloped surfaces in the form of faded lines. Use he effect sparingly and apply the effect in scale.