Colour Set C WWII Afrika Korps WY-03

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Colour Set C WWII Afrika Korps WY-03


The landscapes of Tunisia or Libya were very harsh and hostile environments for the vehicles of the German Afrika Korps (DAK). The scorching sun and heat faded the colours quickly while the dust was ubiquitous. The Germans over painted their grey vehicles with various shades of sand colour (i.e. C039 Dark Yellow) to make them less visible on the open desert plains. The product included in this set allow you to apply washes, dirt effect, and large accumulations of dust to give your model realistic look. For more complete finish, combine with SET D-BASICS.

These Yakumo Colors—Mr. Weathering Color and Mr. Weathering Paste-based weathering colors—were supervised by the world-famous modeler, Mr. Mig Jimenez. WY03 is a weathering paint set for model vehicles in the WWII Afrika Corps. It can add realistic sand stains from the harsh weather conditions of Africa to your scale model.

Product Features
- 40ml of Weathering Colors (x 2)
- 18ml of Weathering Pastel
- 6g of Weathering Pastel

Thin each color with the separately-sold Mr. Weathering Colour Thinner (WCT101/102); or MIG015 thinner (YAKUMO thinner)



Apply the filter over the entire surface of model uniformly for a transparent and subtle effect, without letting the product accumulate in recesses and panel lines. Allow the filter to dry for 24 hours.


Apply the wash with a fine brush to details, in panel lines, and around hatches to enhance contrast and volume. Remove the excess with a clean brush moistened with YAKUMO thinner. Let it dry 24 hours.


Draw vertical lines on vertical or sloped surfaces with irregular shapes and different intensity, then blend with a flat brush and YAKUMO thinner to soften. Let it dry 24 hours.


Pigment colour to simulate dust effects, particularly on the horizontal areas and around surface details. Apply the pigment dry with a brush and then moisten the surface with thinner. Once dry, it can be moistened again and touched up to achieve the desired effect.