Colour Set A WWII Western Front WY-01

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WY-01 Colour Set A WWII Western Front


From a modeler’s perspective, Europe was the setting of many of the most interesting battles of the war, including Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, Hungary, the Warsaw Uprising and the fall of Berlin. On these fronts the Germans used several standardized camouflage patterns, but each was always based on green and brown camouflage colours over a dark yellow base (C039 dark yellow, C041 red-brown and C070 dark green). Dust in summer and dry mud were the most common effects seen in German vehicles. In addition to the two products used to represent these effects, the perfect wash tone is also included, and another for streaked dirt stains. For the most complete finish, combine with SET D-BASICS.

These Yakumo Colors—Mr. Weathering Color and Mr. Weathering Paste-based weathering colors—were supervised by the world-famous modeler, Mr. Mig Jimenez. The mud and dirt colors are made with pigments that have been collected from all over the world. WY01 is a weathering paint set for German vehicles in the WWII Western Front.

Product Features
- 40ml of Weathering Colors (x 2)
- 18ml of Weathering Pastel
- 6g of Weathering Pastel

Thin each color with the separately-sold Mr. Weathering Colour Thinner (WCT101/102); or MIG015 thinner (YAKUMO thinner)



Apply the wash with a fine brush to details, in panel lines, and around hatches to enhance contrast and volume. Remove the excess with a clean brush moistened with YAKUMO thinner. Let it dry 24 hours.


Stroke well Draw vertical lines on vertical or sloped surfaces with irregular shapes and different intensity, then blend with a flat brush and YAKUMO thinner to soften. Let it dry 24 hours.


You can apply the mud with a thick brush to the underside of the vehicle, the tracks, and the suspension. You can also apply splashed earth effect with the mud product by the flicking a thick brush loaded with product using a toothpick. This will create mud splatter effects. Make a few tests on an old model or a piece of paper before trying it on the model. Let it dry 24 hours.


Pigment colour to simulate dust effects, particularly on the horizontal areas and around surface details. Apply the pigment dry with a brush and then moisten the surface with thinner. Once dry, it can be moistened again and touched up to achieve the desired effect.