Special Hobby 1/48 Piper L-4 Grasshopper ‘From Africa to Central Europe.’ 48218

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EAN: 8594071088620 SKU: SH48218 Category:

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It soon became clear to the US military, as well as the British RAF, that the rather large and complicated types such as the O-47 or Lysander which had been designed in the pre-war days for army co-operation, close support, artillery observation and liaison roles were in fact ill-suited for the real operations.

Lighter types with the ability of very short take offs and landings proved much more successful.

And arguably the most famous of all types of this category is the L-4 Grasshopper, developed from the originaly civil J-3 Cub which did really well during US. Army pre-war excercises.

The first of our boxings captures the Grasshoppers' combat journey beginning with the Operation Torch, the Allied landing in Africa, through the landing in Italy, Normandy, to the US airfields in western Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, where the Grasshoppers ended their WW2 combat service.

Two styrene sprues are joined by one clear parts sprue and a decal sheet with markings for four airframes.

- There has been no new and fine L-4 Grasshopper kit for more than five decades.
- Interesting colour schemes
- Etches included in the kit
- Pre-cut masks available separately

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