AFV Club 1/35 U.S. Army M110 Howitzer AF35110A

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EAN: 4716965351106 SKU: AF35110 Category:

In stock

8-inch (203mm/25.3 calibre) self-propelled howitzer with recoil anchor. The first M110 battalion was established in 1963. Deployed to Vietnam in 1965. The M110 served in the US Army until 1977 when upgraded to M110A1 (203mm/37 calibre).
  • Workable hydraulic rear recoil spade
  • Movable loader/rammer feed tray & elevation arm
  • Metal gun barrel with rifling, detailed breechblock.
  • Driver's station with interior
  • Choice of hatch position open or closed
  • Adjustable gun elevation

Choice of 5 US Army markings:

  • "ΔAMAPATOS", 24th Infantry Division, Munich, West Germany 1965 – as shown on the boxtop & included as a print
  • 54th Artillery Group, Vietnam 1966-69
  • 23rd Infantry Division, Vietnam 1968-71
  • "DRAFT DODGER II", 25th Field Artillery Regiment, Vietnam 1969-71
  • "MT ST HELEN", 1st Battalion, 84th Field Artillery Regiment, 9th Infantry Division, Fort Lewis 1967.

Workable Tracks available separately ref PKAF35332.

1:35 scale model kit from AFV CLUB, requires paint and glue.

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